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Help us realize Beyond the Barrier!

To give people without a credit card the chance to share in our project we have created a way to support Beyond the Barrier through PayPal! To ensure that everything goes smoothly please use the following steps.

1. Choose your reward on our Kickstarter page.
2. Calculate the costs in this (easy to use) excel spreadsheet *click*.
3. Give us a heads up by contacting us on KickstarterFacebook or at crowdfunding [at] stichting-initium [dot] nl. Mail us your name, address, PayPal amount and wanted reward.
4. Support our campaign through PayPal! *click*.
5. We will send you a confirmation when we have received the PayPal transaction.
6. We will pledge your money on Kickstarter through our own credit card.
7. Wait for the magic to happen.
8. Receive cool rewards!


info [at] stichting-initium [dot] nl

KVK: 60764783