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Help us realize Beyond the Barrier!

Sadly, the Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the first season of Beyond the Barrier didn’t go as planned. Because of this we will not be able to create the first season as we originally planned.

But! We do have a contingency plan!

We have re-written the first season, making it longer in total and splitting it in two.
Kind of like a mid-season break after episode 6. 
We will shoot this first half of the season as we originally planned and release in 2016.

You can still help!

It’s still possible to donate with PayPal to support Beyond the Barrier while we are shooting!
Money donated will still be spend according to our original planning and will be used as we progress with the project.

So help us get the most out of it by donating to our common cause!

You can donate by following this link to our PayPal page:
*click right here*


info [at] stichting-initium [dot] nl

KVK: 60764783