Last Redemption


Beyond the Barrier

Beyond the Barrier follows the lives of a group of Pathfinder players and their everyday adventures in both real and fantasy world. 
A real look on how a game like Pathfinder influences the lives of the people playing it and how their lives influence the choices they make in the game.

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Pathfinder is a table-top RPG published by Paizo Publishing
It extends and modifies Dungeons and Dragons's revised 3rd edition.


Last Redemption

In this interactive thriller you, the watcher, decide which choices the characters in this story make, which can lead to different endings. 

In the Dutch Kempen, far from normal civilization, four American students stranded on their passage through Brabant. 
How or when they get out (or whether they die or not), is entirely up to you!

Our lives consist of choices, alternative paths and dilemmas, and everything has its consequences. 
This story is no different, only here you can turn back the proverbial clock. 

Easy choices, difficult choices.
Left or right. Yes or no. 
What does your gut tell you? 

Are you able to save the boys from their possible loss of their lives?

You can find all Beyond The Barrier-related video's here:

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